Practice plodding and guess what happens?

To get better at something we must actively engage with doing something better. Practice plodding and plodding will be your skill.
Practice eating foods that are deficient in nutrients and a nutrient deficient body is what you will have. 

PLODDER – “a person who works in a slow and persevering but uninspired manner”

Anyone who finds themselves expressing the way they run, cycle, train or live as ‘plodding’, deserves to give themselves a kick start, refresh the outlook and engage with their bodies at a level that is inspirational and dynamic.

  • Assess the plans for physical activities ahead. What’s important to you? Is the training based on your needs or what the coach thinks you need? Are you holding yourself in a plodding environment? It’s a safe space after all.
  • Perhaps the lifestyle and nutrition are not supporting the vigour being placed into your fitness activity. The food basket is plodding and the body is deficient. In turn, these deficiencies will affect the ability to progress physically – snowball rolling don the hill from here. Prioritise nutrient rich foods. Notice, this is not saying eat a specific item.  At this stage, use your common knowledge and sense to choose nutrient rich foods.

There’s not much else to say about plodding. I’m prone to the odd plod. I know when it’s occurred, because I feel awful, unfulfilled and sense a missed opportunity to improve.

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