Ultra Trail Mont Blanc – April insight

“A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts…” – Alan Watts, Philosopher

A measured return to training after the Century4Sanctuary has been successful.
An increase in ascending and descending efforts have been prioritised.
​Setting up the body for what is to come in May and June.
Lots of climbing.
Lots of descending.

In the spirit of the opening quote, the aim here is to present what has been done and what is planned to be done.
Don’t be shy, if you want to ask questions, pick my brains, seek further insight into the madness over the method then get in touch.

Easter sunset in the Brecons

The final session of April took place last night. I have employed tyre dragging in the past few years. A worthy supplement to training when there are no mountains to play in. The tyre will be out each week. 3 x 1 mile last night around the grass of the poole cricket pitch. It’s a great feeling when the harness is dropped and a contrast set is thrown in. The legs don’t know what do with themselves. 

There’s something else that Alan Watts goes on to say about thinking. A person who thinks all the time ends up talking about thoughts alone and nothing about what is happening. 
As a trainer I see this all the time and have had plenty experience of my own in drifting into thought instead of action.
The message is pretty simple from Watts.
Act out and do.

There are no stupid ways of getting there if it is on reflection from being there.

Thanks for visiting the page. Madmule Fitness & Adventure are branching out in 2019/2020. There are plans afoot to bring 28 years of training knowledge and experience to more Madmule ventures. 
For any assistance you require with your training/ lifestyle goals, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Madmule can provide bespoke packages, even if it is a one-off consultation to listen to your thoughts and help you get them into action.
Best wishes.

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