Ultra Trail Mont Blanc – June insight

June is a blur. What happened to June. She arrived and before I knew it she was gone.

A lot of adjustments have been made along the way to remain healthy during this ultra running progression. Being alert to the body and what is required to improve and prepare for the mammoth session ahead. My observations and adjustments that follow are based on arriving in France in the most refreshed state possible.  

The most beautiful view of the year. Corfe castle never ceases to amaze and present mystery about it’s historic surroundings.
The 1st Brecon June session. The wettest of the year. 5 hours of heavy rain in the Brecons confirm if the right kit is being used. Thankfully, it was.
The 2nd Brecon session of June. Before the 5th Ascent of Pen Y Fan, the weather was hot and humid. Within 5 minutes it was hard rain and cold going up the Devils staircase. Once again the kit was essential for a positive outcome.

* 530,000 steps in June, an average of 17,000 per day
* ascended 27,000 ft, the majority taken in 5 sessions
* more to the point, descended 27,000 ft. 
* developed hayfever at the age of 44 🤷🏻‍♂️. Which pesky tree what done it?!
*   all shoes worn down so much since Jan I may as well be in barefoot. They are all so comfy now. Good drainage in the wet when there are so many frayed edges!
*  a healthy thirst to smash up a level in July 🥳 – a good sign.
* found out that people not only ask others for medical and training advice on instagram, but plenty people reply with suggestive answers grabbed from Google – what happened?
* the end of June brings the timeline to UTMB to 9 weeks until race day. 🤦‍♂️🤣

The final long session of June was 26 ‘rolling Purbeck’ miles and 3 miles on the road off the ferry. After the mountain sessions, this was an opportunity to run, demonstrate gains in speed endurance, present range in the running stride and confirm the hydration and fuel did it’s job in the heat. It was 23 degrees at the start and turning 27 at the finish. 1:50 out. 1:50 back with a 5 min stop at halfway to take some shade, refill and refresh. 

Making the most of the longest days of the year. June was short. June was sweet.

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Best wishes.

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