Ultra Trail Mont Blanc – March insight

Constant positive thoughts.
Assessing body state every 5-10 minutes.
Staying on agreed pace no matter how good it feels.
​A round robin of keeping these fundamentals in place throughout 27 hours is what leads a body to be successful for 27 hours. Drop one of them and it’s a snowball effect that will counter all good intentions

March training volume 2019 including the Century 4 Sanctuary
It’s a good time to look back at what was written in February. No requirement to rewrite, move words around or find any more analogies. This approach worked to complete 103 miles, niggle free, sniffle free and with vigour to seek more. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. 

It might sound crazy, but the Century4Sanctuary served as a training session. With April, May, June & July as the months to progress mountain fitness, the 100 miles was to fundraise, then during the session practice positive mindset, stick to the pacing agreed, observe and assess physical gaps to carry or correct going forward. 
The schedule has remained on target by;
* repeating essential nutritional intake
* planning recovery days in advance
* prioritising personal life/ work before training
* having fun in session
* keeping most sessions sub maximal
* never losing sight of the long term goal

Cenbtury 4 Sanctuary versus UTMB course profile

All the while, life remains the primary focus. The training and the UTMB has my full and undivided attention though it is what it is. A hobby, a past time, an adventure, an opportunity to keep practicing what I coach and it is definitely a joy.
It won’t remain like this, UNLESS, the balance is struck, the planning remains calm, the training is completed, the food is assessed, the rest days show, the moments are taken to stop and smell the roses.” – from the February UTMB update. Volume and ascent. My personal favoured decision is ascent before volume. Both will be awesome, but it’s ascent all day long if I had only one to choose. Specific training to the specific task ahead. Several weeks with 10-20,000 ft ascending and descending. Quite a bit of double tyre drag runs down the prom and around the local cricket pitch loop. If you do see this give us a thumbs up and apologies in advance for freaking your dogs out. 

Lying down at the end of the century 4 sanctuary
March was memorable and we also did some training and had an adventure.

April is a launch pad for 3 big months of adventuring into the trails and mountains.
All of this information is relevant to any personal physical challenge you have set yourself.
The principles, approach, outlook and planning.
​They can all be applied to couch to 5k, weight loss, health, marathon, sportive, obstacle course challenges and so on. 
Don’t be fooled by the numbers. How big. How long. How far.
Focus on the following.
* If numbers are involved, what are they today?
* Do you want the number to go up or down?
* Do what is necessary at a pace that only promotes health, longevity and happiness.
* Plan everything out, review it often and involve others to accelerate change

Are you wanting to improve your conditioning for health, fitness or a fitness endurance challenge? 
Madmule Fitness & Adventure can help. Contact us for bespoke coaching and training direction.

 If you have gained something from reading the blogs then please consider showing your appreciation by visiting Century 4 Sanctuary Justgiving page. I completed the 100 miles to the Donkey Sanctuary as part of this years Bi annual fundraising challenge.
4 da Mules (& donkeys)
​Thank you. 

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