Ultra Trail Mont Blanc – May insight

It is mid June and May really does feel like a fading memory. This is where having the stats on Strava help, to remind what has been, so assessing and adjusting can continue with positivity and a calm approach.

After setting specific targets in April, it was clear, early on, that it was either ascent or mileage that was going to dictate and satisfy. Ascent won over. I find it more rewarding in the short term, and in the long term the reality of UTMB is there aren’t that many sections that require consistent endurance running. It is lumpy and with sections of 1-2 hours of constant marching, followed by relentless downhills, it has been a conscious decision to condition the body, and mind, to this reality. 

In stark contrast, the rolling trail of the South West Coast Path still has it’s benefits, however in recent weeks, the Brecon Beacons have taken centre stage
Marching up the grass embankment of Godlingston Hill and repeating 10 times was strangely fun and rewarding. 4000ft+ and continuous bout which the legs felt the next day.

In the final week of May, I started to venture up to the Brecons, and it has been a weekly feature since. The only place, local to Poole, where a 2000ft climb can be engaged and some “alpesque” terrain can be simulated. 

2 laps of 11.5 miles on this particular day. A welcome hot chocolate and welsh fruit cake to launch the second lap, worked a treat.

June is doing ok and the training has demonstrated further gains in endurance on the hills, greater technical proficiency on the descents and an even greater respect for the main event in 11 weeks. A respect I didn’t think needed to be any greater than it already was. With several trips to the Brecons completed, more still to come, and a short visit to the alps planned in July, the reality of the UTMB is approaching fast. The rational mind prevails and keeps both feet on the ground. Well, one at a time. 👌 

This beauty can be found on the top of Nine Barrow Down, just after the masts on the summit. #wherethereisawill It is a healthy reminder that we can all grow in the most challenging of conditions.

Then along side all this, comes the best bit. Enjoying the time spent outdoors, encouraging others to step out, step onto the trails laid down by generations before and have a laugh.

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Best wishes.

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