“Good morning. Now run into the night”

Weymouth Promenade Clock Tower – the Grand Depart

RUITH MUILE MEEDHAN OIDHCHE. How’s your Gaelic these days? It means the Midnight MadMule Run. Get the train to Weymouth. Start running back to the Poole Ferry at Midnight. Get as much miles and ascent as you desire before crossing the ferry 8 hours later.

Madmule Adventure has several remits. One of them is to motivate others to seek and experience adventure in ways that wouldn’t be classified as the norm. An invite was sent out to a number of runners we felt were experienced and hungry enough to take on this challenge. 5 of us made it onto the late night train to Weymouth, introducing ourselves and finding out what each of us were trying to get out of the evenings effort.

MacDonalds plays opera music after 11:30pm on a Saturday night. Chilled out! This was a great space to grab a hot drink, last minute toilet break and confirm that everyone was here under their own free will.

Dave, Scott, Ben, Paul and myself headed for the Clock tower on Weymouth prom for midnight. Ben and Paul leading the pace out. Once onto the trails, everyone found their own rhythm and on the way to Osmington Mills it was apparent that it would not be a night for breaking records. The underfoot conditions were riddled with muddy sections, perhaps more so than normal for this time of year. See the video on facebook here.

A shoe with good treads is recommended on these trails. Scott fell over multiple times, one of the falls causing a strain on his inner thigh.

Kimmeridge is the only point that can provide a guaranteed water resupply. Everyone was stocked up with 2 litres before we left and therefore with correct pacing, ample food intake and sipping diligently through the night, everyone made the 28.5 miles without having to go to Kimmeridge. It’s on my hit list when the next Midnight Mule is run.

The most direct way back is shown here. Without knowing it everyone ended up taking this exact route. The conditions underfoot swaying the decisions to come away from the coast path after Lulworth ranges.

The weather was perfect. We were very lucky to get a window without rain although our feet told a different story. The sky was stunning for a couple of hours, with crystal clear views of the stars. On a session like this, it’s imperative to keep an easy pace, have fun and take in the tranquility that the coast presents at night.

By the end Paul and Dave had run together, getting onto the ferry for the first crossing at 07:00am, then Paul ran on another 3 miles to meet us for breaky at H2O – good effort Paul. Ben, Scott and myself brought it home and got on the 07:40 ferry, and opted for a taxi to get our food. We were hungry!

Mission accomplished. Point to point sessions do present a stronger purpose and starting at midnight might seem a bit mad, but if you’re training for a 50+ mile ultra, it is fundamental to include in the training plan. For those of the group that aren’t training for a night time race, or even an ultra, it is an adventure worth trying, if only the once. Something for the positive locker. Being out of the comfort zone is essential for personal growth and confidence.

Midnight Madmule runs will continue into 2020 with invites going out to the growing number of like minded individuals that Madmule is in contact with. Drop us a line if this is you, and we’ll be sure to add you to the next invite. Thanks to the guys for a memorable night and morning! You really did KNOCK YOUR PIPE OUT in Madmule style.

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